Quantum Cabo Spinning Reels for Striped Bass and Bluefish

Quantum Cabo Spinning Reels

Over the last several  years I have quickly become a big fan of this lineup of reels. I currently have them in use for all my spinning outfits and they have withstood any of  the wear and tear dished out and come back for more.

For springtime applications tossing bucktails and plastic/leadhead combos to hungry stripers, bluefish and weakfish I pair the Cabo 20’s loaded with 10lb mono to 7 1/2 ft light action spinning rods. These outfits have tamed countless drag-burning runs without a glitch. My clients also enjoy these outfits while flipping small bucktails to the local fluke population.

For a more general all-around type of use I have Cabo 30’s loaded with 30lb Power Pro with a mono top-shot. These outfits are rounded out by matching the reel with a MH action 8ft spinning rod. These setups are the backbone for two of my favorite types of fishing in my area. First off they see plenty of duty throwing large plugs in riplines for striped bass. The high quality ceramic drag on the Cabo offers me plenty of stopping power to pull big fish from this fast moving water.

I also employ these same outfits when the fish are feeding on the large schools of menhaden that show in the ocean along our beaches. A lot of times the best method of working these schools is to simply cast a weighted treble into the school and pull until a baitfish is snagged and then waiting for the gamefish to find the struggling bait. This snagging process puts a lot of strain on the reel’s internal gearing and the Cabo’s internals have more than proved themselves.

Cabo Spinning Reels aboard New York Charter Boat Maybe Tonight

Quantum Cabo feature a beautiful finish

The body of the reel is a one-piece aluminum frame. Very solid feel. There are 8 stainless bearings supporting the reel crank and the flier for the spool. The reel also sports an excellent infinite Anti-Reverse which allows for no play whatsoever in handle. The retrieve is smoother than a baby’s backside.

These reels are finished with what  Quantum calls “SaltGuard”. Whatever they call it, the finish lasts!! All my Cabo’s are in great shape despite the hard play they are involved in. Another nice feature is the Titanium bail wire. This bail flexes a lot without bending. It is a very forgiving construction feature.

The internals of these reels do not require a PhD in Engineering in order to perform your normal maintenance. Upon removing the handle and the 3 screws holding the sideplate I was VERY happy to see  simple, yet solidly built, inner workings. A quick shot of WD-40 across the interior and scrubbed around with an old toothbrush is the first step. I follow this shooting some of their Hot Sauce lubricant on any moving part and I’m done. I’m not sure if my maintenance schedule follows Quantum’s best practices but this has worked very nicely for me and the reels have not given me a moments headache.

A solid aluminum frame, 8 stainless bearings, a wonderful anti-reverse and smooth as silk drag all combine to make this reel a leader in it’s class in my humble opinion.

MODEL Bearings Line Capacity Max Drag. Weight
Cabo 20PTs 8 140 yds. / 6 lb. 15 lbs. 12.3 oz.
Cabo 30PTs 8 160 yds. / 8 lb. 23 lbs. 13.4 oz.


Tight Lines,
Capt Paul