I was out with my buddy Dennis and his son Matt again today for our very last trip of the 2016 season. We were on Dennis’ boat again this trip.  Matt was home from College for Thanksgiving and we hoped to find him a few fish before having to return to school. Turns out we found PLENTY!!

We headed out on a flat calm ocean and travelled east of Fire Island Inlet. Did not take long to find schools of fish blowing up bait on the surface. We dropped diamond jigs into the frenzy and were hooked up with schoolie stripers instantly.

We spent the rest of the day landing somewhere between 50-60 striped bass on the jigs. While the size was severely lacking, numbers sure weren’t. We had two bass that were keeper sized but safely released, two others that were close to the legal mark and then the rest ranged from 12-24 inches.

As hot as the action was it also was an early signal that the striped bass season in my area was quickly winding down. We always called these little late fall schoolies “death rats” as their presence typically signaled the tail end of the striped bass fall migration past our waters.

It was an AMAZING Fall striped bass season following a very disappointing Spring run around Fire Island Inlet area. I am already looking forward to see what 2017 brings.