I took a break from the boat and hit a local south shore beach figuring there would be a decent shot of fish within range due to the amount of bait that has been up against the beaches along the entire south shore of Long Island. What I came across was something I have NEVER seen in my whole life.

I jumped on Smith Point Outer Beach and rode east towards Moriches Inlet. I was hitting various points and pockets with topwater plugs along the 6mile stretch of beach before getting to the inlet proper.

On arrival the incoming current was just about ending and all appeared to be dead, not a single sign of life in the inlet or adjacent sand beach. That all changed as the outgoing got moving in the Moriches Inlet. Large schools of bunker, one after another began pouring out the inlet into the ocean where they all appeared to merge into one gigantic mass of baitfish. As the bait schools exited the inlet into the ocean large numbers of very big bluefish were waiting on them and had the baitfish showering out of the water trying to escape the choppers below.

Finding no exit to the open ocean and unable to fight against the outgoing current in the inlet the baitfish had nowhere to go and began running to the beach where they ultimately would stack up on top of one another in the shallows against the beach leaving not even enough room to swim. In the videos below you will see the fish on the surface laying on their sides appearing dead, however they are very much alive just they are being pushed to the surface by the large mass of baitfish charging in behind them. They literally are being pushed out of the water by their schoolmates who are also trying to flee the savage bluefish attacks.

Needless to say the fishing was a joke with how easy it was, everyone on the beach had as many HUGE bluefish as they could handle. Fish into the high teens were caught either by casting a snag hook into the frenzy and snatching an individual bunker and leaving it swim or casting popping plugs to the edges. It got to the point where I had enough wrestling with the blues and took to recording the melee. The following videos are what I captured, and I should add that by time I started shooting the video the wildest part of the action had subsided a bit.