With such amazing weather forecast for today I once again left the boat at the dock and headed to a local south shore beach. After short ride down the sand I once again came across large schools of bunker being raided by GIGANTIC bluefish. The scene as just about as crazy as Monday’s large blitz.

The gorgeous weather had plenty of boats and surfcasters alike out to take advantage of the action.

Large top water poppers fished on the edges of the bunker schools were met by crashing strikes almost as soon as the plugs hit the water, up and down the beach was a scene of rods bent to a large bluefish, or guys kneeling down un-hooking a fish.

Heavy bucktails fished on the bottom while still picking a bluefish here and there were key for the casters hoping to pull a striped bass from the blitz. I witnessed several nice stripers into the high teens class dragged onto the sand, un-hooked and then safely released

Fun day in the most amazing November weather we could ever ask for