Left my marina this morning with ICE on the decks and 36 degree air temperature and headed across Great South Bay, PLAN A was to get some live shad and fish pieces in the bay. Was not able to get any baits in the usual haunts so headed outside figuring to grab a bunch of bunker off the schools and bring those back inside the bay.

Found bunker all over the place right away and got a dozen healthy ones in the well, before departing I gave the snag and drag a go and that was the story, did not ever make it back in the bay as I spent the morning jumping from one large school of bunker to the next. I landed 5 fish over 30lbs before ever getting one under the 30 mark on the boga and lost a VERY big one boatside.

Ended the day with 8 fish from 22 to 35 lbs before packing it for the day. And the HOT fishing was matched only by the beautiful weather. Great day on the ocean today.