I fished with my partner Bobby H in this years Viking Striped Bass Contest. We fished on Bobby’s beautiful Contender.

First off, the weather was about as nasty, terrible, miserable as I can ever recall being out in on a boat. We left the marina with 20-25kt NW wind and rain coming down sideways. And it only got windier as the day wore on.

On the fish front we loaded up the livewell with baits and off to find some lee where we could present the baits to a Fire Island striper. On the first drop I had a 14lb fish and then a drift or two later another striper, around 29 inches came to the boat. For us that was the last striped bass we would have for the day.

Back at the weigh-in we were fortunate enough to have the 14lb’er land in Third Place behind a 19 and then 18 taking the top two spots. Always a great time in this Contest and The Viking Inn staff are to be commended for such a cool event.