We fished the 2015 renewal of the Riverview Striped Bass contest on Election Day and right out of the gate ran into an ominous start as my buddy Dennis got called into work right off the boat as we were waiting for the starting bell to leave the marina.

So with a man down Scott and I were off to try our luck on a beautiful weather day. We had a livewell full of bunker and worked over the entire bay from the Fire Island Inlet back into the Great South Bay but could only manage a single bite for the day and that fish was not big enough to make it into the top 15 spots.

The winning fish this year was 31 lbs, and the prize winners ranged down to 20+lbs taking the last prize spot. We had another fun day on the water for this contest and great dinner back at the awards ceremony. Too bad the fishing was so slow as 400 anglers brought back only 17 fish meeting the 36 inch minimum.