I had Peter and his son Liam aboard Saturday night for a night trip drifting eels in the Fire Island area. We departed the dock 6:30pm and were on the grounds for the very start of the ebb in the inlet. A very strong NW wind was holding up our drift but as the current began to build the drift improved as did the action.

Was not too long before we had a double header hookup, one in the high teens and the second was as bruiser that we lost at the boat. Bummer on that one. We continued to it over and found few more fish up to just under 20lbs before bagging it as the current began to slack and bite shut down with it.

We had a fun night and the guys were troopers fishing it hard in tough conditions. There are still a LOT of good fish on the north side of the bay so striper action should be pretty good for the next couple of weeks in this area. Have fun and see you out there.