I fished with my buddy Dennis last night and his son Matt who is home from Delaware University for Thanksgiving break. I was a guest on this trip aboard Dennis’ Sailfish center console. We pulled out of the river right around dusk with a NE breeze beginning to blow. We got onsite right at slack water so we poked around a few different spots.

As the outgoing current picked up speed it combined with what was not a pretty good wind from the east to push our drift along at over 3.5 kts,  which is just too fast for drifting baits for stripers in my experience.

I suggested we move back inside in the lee of some land and we got on a favorite piece and did not need to leave it the rest of the tide. We spent the rest of the night drifting this stretch with one or two fish on just about every drift. We had at least 15-16 fish ranging from 10lbs up to Matt’s night best of 20lbs.

The tide slacked off and the bite ended so we hit one more drop on the way home and while we marked stacks of fish on the piece and schools of bunker passing through we could not entice another bite and bagged it for the night. Fun trip on the water with my lifelong buddy Dennis and his son.