I fished tonight with my buddy Bobby. Our plan was drifting live eels for some stripers. We left the marina at 5:30pm and headed across Great South Bay with a pretty stiff Northwest breeze blowing. We arrived onsite as the outgoing current was just getting going.

It took all of five minutes before a chunky bass grabbed Bobby’s eel on our very first drop. Fish was quickly released and 15 minutes later he decked another nice striper which was also released. A short time later I finally got my shot and this fish went in the low 20lb class before release.

Wind was not letting us drift very well and despite having some action we made a move to improve the drift. Worked out well as we got PLENTY of bites but I began to feel like this move was into the Twilight Zone. It was like we’d never done this before as we both hooked and lost fish, had fish runoff the baits only to have our hooksets miss the mark and then each of us taking turns having the hooks come back buried into the eels after being taken by the fish. Between us I would guess we blew it on about 8-9 takes. LOL!! Oh well, it was a lot of action and fun night on the water