I had Carleton, Richie and Peter out today for a day of striper fishing in the Fire Island Inlet area. The weather produced perfect conditions for clam chumming the flats just outside the Fire Island Inlet. Southwest wind had waves breaking on the bars which is ideal for this type of fishing.

Carefully anchored the boat near enough to the bar for the chum to be effective but far enough so the breakers would not reach the boat. VERY important consideration to keep in mind. I see many folks anchor too close in small boats and as the water shallows out on the falling tide the breakers get closer to the stern where they could easily break into the cockpit swamping the boat.

We got the chumslick going and was not long before the guys were locked and loaded with stripers. We ended the day with right around 40 fish ranging from tiny school size stripers up to 30-31 inch keeper sized. Not many large fish but there was plenty of action with the numbers making up for the lack of size today.

Beautiful day on the water with a great group of guys.