I headed out EARLY this morning and hit some local creeks for some live baits to serve as Plan B but, alas, no one was home. So, Plan A it was too be!!

Broke Fire Island inlet right at first light and began searching for bunker schools. It took some time to convince me but eventually I realized there was NONE to be seen. I was however marking TONS of bait, appeared to be sand eels, so I broke out the diamond jigs and starting working over a bunch of different areas. Quite a few other boats were doing the bunker hunt as well and stuck around for sometime before giving up and heading back.

As I had decided to sink or swim with Plan A I just stuck with it and after a few hours the bunker began to show seemingly out of nowhere. One large school after another streaming by and now there was only myself and two other boats. Found one very anxious school and managed to get the hook into a fish I got to boatside before pulling the hook, quick estimate was low to mid 20s.

Jumped from school to school without another bite before deciding to start working my way back to the inlet. Good move as I came across a large area with many schools being pushed and slammed into by gamefish from below. Did not take long before the game was on. I worked two schools about 30 yards apart and pulled 9 stripers up to 34 lbs before surrendering to sore arms.

There is an amazing amount of different baits on the ocean this year, the bunker, sandeels and a crazy amount of hickory shad which are another striper favorite in my area. I am very excited to see how this Fall works out with this smorgasbord out there.