I had Scott, George, Steve and his son Steve out for a late season half day fluke trip today. We departed the marina at first light and made a quick stop for some live peanut bunker to add to the arsenal of temptations. A couple throws of the net had the livewell filled and off we went.

We drifted live baits over a large variety of favorite bottom locations but only had a single bluefish and a few other biteoffs to show for it. No signs of late season doormats on the live baits so a switch was made over to the traditional spearing/squid combos and after working around a bit we managed to salvage the last half of what had been a VERY slow trip up to that point.

The guys ended up with right around 20 fish, with only a single keeper going 20inches and one other just missing the mark. The remaining shorts were released to continue their offshore migrations in hopes of them returning as next years keepers.

It was a tough day on the water but a day fishing none the less so it was all good. I had a great time today with a wonderful and EXTREMELY PATIENT group of guys.