I had a few hours to pass today and taking another shot at the striped bass seemed like a  good way to pass them. I returned to the scene of yesterdays nice action and after hunting around a bit found some more life on the bunker schools in the ocean.

I tallied 3 fish to 30lbs and lost a very nice one at the boat when the hook pulled. Ran into a few other buddies who also reported doing pretty well on the fish with 4-5 fish per boat being common among the boats I ran across.

It was a simply amazing day weather-wise as catching striped bass in shorts and tee-shirts is not something we get to experience very often. Also spent a bit of time watching a humpback do a drive -by as well as some bottle nose dolphin playing off in the distance. Another fun day on the water 🙂

Shaping up to be a very nice Fall striped bass run