About two years ago I posted a video on my YouTube channel that was meant to demonstrate the strength of the knot I used to join my braided fishing line to my monofilament leaders. While doing the testing in that video I found that my Power Pro braid was breaking well below it’s labeled 30lb test rating and this led me to switching to Sufix 832 braid during the 2013 fishing season. Now granted this was line that had been fished for an entire season but the result still disappointed me.

To keep things as fair as my NON – scientific test  could be I did not want to run the same test on the Sufix until I had a full season on it. Today was the day for me to see how the Sufix 832 faired in the same test. In this test I did it with 20lb test Sufix 832 as opposed to the 30lb Power Pro I used in the original video. Nevertheless my results with the Sufix were somewhat of a letdown as well as several tests ran on the season old braid had it also breaking below it’s stated pound test.

Here’s the video of my VERY non-scientific tests on the Sufix 832 I put into action in 2013. I think the results shown would be fairly surprising to several of my fishing buddies who swear by this product.