On Saturday 10/19 my fishing buddy Bob Highland and I fished the Peter Dahill Memorial Striped Bass contest hosted by the Viking Inn in Islip NY. The Viking does a WONDEFUL job with this contest every year and we have a blast every time we fish it.

This year the week leading up to this contest featured RED hot action with big striped bass feeding on large schools of sand eels in the ocean off Long Island’s south shore. As late as Thursday we had MANY striped bass into the mid 30lb class on diamond jigs.

We broke Fire Island Inlet at first light and were first boat on the grounds far as we could see. The fishing started off slower than previous trips this week but before long birds were wheeling and diving over the baitfish driven to the surface by feeding gamefish. However, as we were to find out the large stripers had been replaced for the most part by HUGE, ANGRY bluefish running into the high teens. These fish are a LOT of fun to catch on any other day but not during a STRIPED BASS contest.

We ended up with a boatload of fish, probably combined for 30+ blues and stripers but alas the best striper for us on this day was to be a fish that hit the scale just under 22lbs. This fish was not good enough to place in the top three prizes as it fell into the 6th spot which was good enough for the “atta boy” award ­čÖé

On the positive side there was also a Calcutta for the largest bluefish which my partner Bobby nailed down with his 17lb slammer bluefish pictured below.

1st Place 17lb Bluefish

1st Place 17lb Bluefish


The after party back at the Viking was awesome as usual, lots of laughs and good natured┬ásmack talking going on among the contestents. The final result had a 34lb bass take first, two fish at 24lbs and some change nailed down the second and third spots. Great time and already looking forward to next year’s version. See you there