I had Eric and Damian along with their children aboard today for half day fluke trip. Got out for the last half of the flood and on the way to the grounds came across BLUEFISH tearing up ZILLIONS and ZILLIONS of anchovies.

Bluefish and Fluke fishing out of Fire Island New  York

Fast Bluefish action on Great South Bay

The gang had some kicks stretching the lines on them for about an hour and a half before the blitzes died off.

After that it was off for fluke and we fed traditional spearing combos and bucktail/gulp to a bunch of fish to 18inches. Not a keeper to be had but by all accounts everyone had a great time.

Today marked the very FIRST bluefish I have seen in the bay all SUMMER!! And the size of those bait schools dimpling the surface was impressive for sure. Good stuff