It has been an wonderful week weather-wise here on Long Island’s South Shore and the fluke are cooperating! Where a just a few weeks back the brown tide in the bay had the fishing slowed down on the outgoing current things have changed for the better. To be sure, I still HIGHLY¬†prefer the flood current for fluking in the Fire Island Inlet and Great South Bay but the bay has cleared considerably the past week or two and the ebb definately provides a shot at some fish as well.

Fire Island Fishing Fluke Charter Fishing

Great Fishing and Beautiful Sunsets

Case in point, I had the chance to fish a few solo trips this past week in the late afternoon/evening timeframe and had various stages of the outgoing for each of the runs. On each trip I managed to find plenty of fish with several large enough to meet the NY State requirements for fluke of 19 inches.

More of a challenge than the stage of the current is fishing in conditions where the wind blows in a direction opposite of the current flow. These conditions lead to poor drift as the boat is somewhat held in place by the wind pushing against it. In extreme cases you will want to use the motor to power drift with the current. Bumping the motor in and out of gear while trailing your rigs out behind the boat. Be sure to give the line more scope than you would normally. This has worked out very well for me on the trips this week.

I hope everyone is getting plenty of chances to enjoy this weather and great fishing. Be safe out there.