In the wake of Hurricane Sandy hitting Long Island fishing has been put aside as area residents try to get their lives back to something near normal. To be sure this is going to take quite some effort and time as the damage to Long Island was something for the record books. For me personally, I feel EXTREMELY lucky in the fact that my family came through the ordeal healthy, we did not face any of the major damage that so many others have. Yes sir, we were VERY fortunate.

I have been able to actually get out on the water a few times since the storm. One trip was just a run around the bay taking in the enormous damage inflicted upon the waterfront communities and marinas. This was by FAR the saddest day I have ever spent on the Great South Bay bar none!!!

On two other trips since the storm I actually had the chance to fish. Just the simple act of wetting a line provided temporary relief from the disaster scene that is Long Island post-Sandy.

On Election Day, a day that until this year was always host to the Riverview Striped Bass contest, (cancelled this year due to the restaraunt being ruined by the flooding Great South Bay) I managed to sneak in a trip on what turned out to be an amazing day weather-wise. Sunny skies and calm winds belied the damage I left behind on the mainland. On arrival to the inlet baitfish in the form of hickory shad were evident across the entire inlet. Did not take long before I had my first bass of the day. The fish were thick on this day as several locations each held good numbers of very decent sized striped bass. I ended the day with 10 fish into the high 20’s on the live bait and saw several larger caught on the other three boats fishing the area.

Fire Island Striped Bass Fishing following Hurricane Sandy

Fire Island Election Day Striped Bass

This past Saturday, following another BIG storm mid-week, I was a guest aboard my fishing buddy Dennis’ boat. We worked the inlet area trying to round up some live bait but they were not to be found. The cold of the recent noreaster seemed to have shut them down.

With no live bait we ran outside the inlet and were greeted by flocks of gannets diving on bait being driven to the surface by gamefish. While it was no blitz we worked area to area and managed to pick 9 stripers to 18lbs on diamond jigs before heading back inside.

Great South Bay Striper Fishing Following Hurricane Sandy

Fire Island Striped Bass

We worked over the inlet with soft plastic lures and Dennis grabbed another striper making it 10 for the day. Another wonderful day with beautiful weather and some fish to round it out.

A word of caution for those who do get a chance to fish. Be extremely careful watching out for floating debris. We saw large timbers floating on each of the trips I’ve made since the storm. Any of these were large enough to cause some serious trouble if struck while underway.

As I am writing this there is still some nice action with the stripers in the Fire Island area and it should hold right through the end of the season barring anymore wild weather patterns. So, be VERY careful out there and good luck