This weekend I tried something a little different. Taking a break from the boat I instead opted to fish a local surf fishing contest, the South Shore Classic. The contest runs the entire weekend but I only got to fish the first day as the beach I fish was shut down on the rest of the weekend due to a tragic plane crash in the Moriches Inlet on Saturday. Terrible tragedy where two men were killed when the plane crashed and sank near the west jetty of the inlet.

Friday of the contest had winds blowing southeast around 20kts kicking up a beautiful surf. Excellent conditions for striped bass fishing from the beach by all accounts. Sorry to say it did not end up that way as the fishing was slow the entire day with only a handful of fish taken among the group I was fishing with. I fished chunks of fresh bunker and managed two bluefish under 10lbs and a single striped bass that was only 26inches. None of the blues were going to be big enough to do anything on the leader board so they were safely release.

Had a good time fishing with some old buddies and had a great time despite the slow fishing action.

As for the boat action in the Fire Island Inlet. With the beach closed down I took a quick ride on the boat and found some live baits to drift around some different places way in the back bay area. There was nothing doing for the three hours I had to fish. The night time action has started to pickup in the Fire Island Inlet area and with a few trips planned for this week I’m hoping to have some better news on the Fire Island striper fishing scene.