I had Joe K and his co-workers Stan, Darrin and Lawrence aboard the boat this morning for a half day trip on the Great South Bay. Lawrence was visiting Long Island from Tennessee so we wanted to get him on some Long Island saltwater fish.

The weather report was ominous for later in the day but they did give us a small window in the morning according to the forecast so we decided to go for it. Arriving at the marina with the wind HOWLING from the South at 20kts had me thinking about calling it off as there was concern about our southern visitor on the rough bay. With the green light given, we were off across a chopped up Great South Bay.

While waiting for the current to get moving in the back bay my first efforts focused on the Fire Island Inlet area for the start of the incoming current. We were exposed to the wind here and drifting properly was tough. The fishing suffered as we picked up a few short fluke and mix of sea-robins and small sea bass. As the wind continued to build I worked the boat back into the bay following the flood current.

Great South Bay Weakfish Action on Long Island Charter Boat Maybe Tonight

Darrin on a GOOD Weakie

We worked a few stretches along the way with continued sea bass pecking away at our baits before ultimately ending up way back in the bay and the lee provided by the Fire Island communities. The move paid off well as we were into a nice weakfish bite. The guys ended up with a Baker’s Dozen to 5lbs, keeping their limit of one per angler and releasing the rest.

Fire Island Weakfish action on Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters

The Crew with some dinner

The guys were real troopers putting up with the rain and wind while piling up a nice tally in some tough conditions. Thanks guys, great having you aboard.