I had the chance to do an early morning trip for a few hours on Labor Day and headed off to the boat with weakfish on my mind. The action for these beautiful fish has been holding up very well this summer considering their relative absence in recent years. 2012 has seen a solid run of these gamesters and anglers can actually plan fishing trips specifically targeting them.

Slid out of the marina at 4am and went searching for the live baits I planned to use. Took a little hunting before finally coming across a mess of them. With a single flip of the castnet the live-well was filled and it was off to the grounds.

Fished around some spots way in the back bay and found the bluefish were loving the peanut bunker baits. They cut the baits off on each of the first few spots I hit. A small move into deeper water was the ticket as my first offering here was taken by a small weakfish of about 12inches. Working this area over produced a few more fish up to 21 inches, one of which I put in the box for dinner. They ARE delicious!!

Great South Bay Weakfish action off of Fire Island on Long Island's South Shore

Great South Bay Weakfish

With the east wind seeming to build as the morning went on I ducked into some lee behind and island and managed to pick off a few more nice weakies before calling it a day at 9:30.

September is here and with it comes the heightened awareness of Long Island striper fishermen that our line-sided friends will be making their annual Fall return very soon. I have still have some excellent dates available for stripers if anyone is interested in giving them a shot.