Last winter I posted a video on my YouTube channel discussing the knot I was shown many years back for connecting braided fishing line to mono-filament and fluorocarbon leaders. This knot has served me well over the years and numerous large striped bass and bluefish have put it to the test. I can say that this knot has not let me down since I’ve been using it.

The original video has received a positive response, however, there were some questions and/or concerns that some folks had regarding the knot, the most popular being that it did not work at all with SeaGuar fluorocarbon leader material. This struck me as strange and was the first I had heard of such a thing. Another commenter stated he did not feel the knot would be very strong due to the fact I use a Surgeon’s Loop as part of the knot.

I try to answer both these concerns as best as I can in the video below while at the same time being extremely disappointed with how the Power Pro braid itself held up in my tests.