As the old saying goes, “Ya gotta start somewhere”. So, with that said I started the 2012 Long Island Fishing and Boating season on Saturday 4/7 by getting the boat out of the driveway and back into the water where she’s now ready to chase after those Fire Island striped bass, bluefish, etc.

We’ve been having some wonderful weather around Long Island considering the date on the calendar. Temperatures into the high 60s have been pretty common since early March. Sorry to say that Saturday morning had the thermometer reading 39 when I got outside to get ready for the boat hauler. A decent Northwest breeze was blowing as well making it feel even cooler.

Fire Island Fishing Charters for Striped Bass

Heading to the Water for the 2012 Fishing Season

Mike from M&L Marine in Patchogue NY was right on time (as usual) for our 9am appointment. In no time at all he had the Maybe Tonight loaded on the trailer and off we went to the Smith Point County Boat Ramp. The launch went smoothly, the motors fired right up and hummed beautifully.

Eased out of the marina and into the channel of the Narrows and then onto Great South Bay. Nice and easy to start making sure the motors were good and warmed up. Jumped the boat up on plane and cruised down the Great South Bay on the way to the slip in Seaborn Marina in Bay Shore.

Long Island Striped Bass Fishing Charter Boat

Thanks to Capt Paul Peluso for the picture of us backing off the trailer

Of course before heading to Seaborn I just had to take a detour down around the Fire Island Inlet area for a little recon. The inlet itself showed signs of the shoaling that has been well documented this winter. It was very obvious that some pieces were going to be high and dry on the lower tidal stages. Running back through West Channel and the flounder fleet we even got to see one of the boats land a nice flattie. It was awesome being back on the water despite the chilly morning and I was very happy with how the boat ran.

It won’t be long now before the moby sized stripers are prowling the local waters and I’m looking forward to being out there when they show.