It’s March 21 2012 as I write this and the weather forecast is for record breaking WARM temperatures on Long Island reaching into the 80s. Truth be told, the weather for the entire winter has been very tolerable. There was none of the large snowstorms and bitter cold we experienced during the previous two winters. For me, personally, this is a  GOOD thing. I guess if you are a skier, not so good.

Even with the extremely mild winter we had leading into the month of March I was hesitant to jump the gun of removing the boat’s winter cover. I’ve been burned in the past by a late season snowstorm hitting us AFTER taking the cover off so I was still skeptical.

When the thermometer hit 70 this past weekend I had seen enough and decided it was time. With the tugging of a couple of bungees cords, and the swift pull of the canvas, off the cover came. I was able to get some of the punch list items started and get the parts ordered for the motor’s.

Spring in here on Long Island and not a minute to soon as there are already bunker in the western bays, reports of stripers on schools of mackerel in the ocean and flounder being caught in the creeks. I am planning an early April launch. Another season on the beautiful Great South Bay is at hand.

Long Island Striper Fishing Season Getting Ready to Go

Getting Ready for the Long Island Striper Season

Getting Ready for the Fire Island Fishing Season

Winter is OVER!!!!