LIVE Streaming VIDEO from Great South BayI have always loved technology and am constantly dabbling with all the latest and greatest toys as they hit the market. A few years back I ran across sites that introduced the ability to stream live video broadcasts over the Internet. I looked at a couple of different providers before finally signing on for U-Stream’s service. At the time it sounded amazing but, for me personally, the promise was far greater than the delivery.

My goal was to broadcast live from the boat but quickly found the resources required just were not feasible on a boat in the marine environment. I’d need a laptop ($$$) with web-cam attached to go along with a wireless air-card (more $$$) to provide adequate bandwidth for the streaming video. I just could not justify the costs of the hardware and monthly service charge for the air-card.

Fast forward to today. The smart-phones of today with their 4g wireless Internet have upped their game and brought this idea back to the surface for me. Add to the fact that U-Stream has introduced an app (there’s an APP for that!!!) that enables their streaming service on the I-Phone and Droid devices. COOL!!! U-Stream also made it VERY easy to incorporate my video Channel on the Maybe Tonight Charters Facebook page as well as right here on my website.

So, I am VERY psyched to announce that I am going to give this live feed thing the old college try. Some initial tests I’ve done were pretty surprising at the quality of the video when sent from my phone. Hey, it’s surely not a Blu-Ray display but for what it is, it’s pretty neat!!!

2012 Atlantic City Boat Show

LIVE From the AC Boat Show

With that said, I have plans to visit the Atlantic City Boat Show on Saturday Feb 4th and am going to have a go with the first LIVE event that morning while strolling the floor of the show. It remains to be seen what sort of cell service I will have while in the Convention Center but with any service at all I will be coming to you LIVE from the show.

If you’d like to catch the BETA trial run you can find the stream on the Maybe Tonight Charters Facebook page or right here on my website. The Facebook option offers the ability for commenting so if you’d like to see a particular boat at the show I’ll be watching the comments and will take a stroll past as many of the requests as I can before the battery in the phone dies!!! 🙂

I am very much looking forward to seeing how this all works. With any luck at all the next step will be LIVE from the Great South Bay !!!