Power Pro aboard Fire Island Charter Boat Maybe Tonight

Power Pro Red Braided Fishing Line

There is no disputing the popularity of the braided super-lines in today’s fishing world. Their thin diameter to line test ratio is un-matched. The downside is the visibility factor of the braid if tied directly to our presentations. It is for this reason that a shot of leader material is added to the braid which is then tied to the rig to reduce the visibility of the┬árunning line┬áto our targeted species.

To be sure there are almost as many methods of making this braid to leader connection as there are reels being spooled with the braid. The following video demonstrates a knot that most will recognize as being similar to the popular Albright Knot but with a slight modification.

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I hope this helps someone looking for an easy to tie and quite strong knot for their braid to leader connections.