After cancelling my plans to fish the ocean outside Fire Island Inlet this morning due to MORE of the winds that have plagued the area the entire Fall I decided on an evening trip to drag some live eels around the Great South Bay.

I found my buddy Dennis willing to give it a go and we sailed off into the choppy bay right at sunset. We arrived for the start of the ebb current and made a bunch of drifts and moves around the inlet area with nothing to show for it.

I decided to try and find some lee behind the beach and it did not take long for Dennis to find the first fish of the night. This one turned out to be a short striper. I had a quick pickup on my eel but did not get hooked up.

I made another move back further into the bay and once again, it did not take long for Dennis to find another fish. First drop and BANG!! Shortly after a decent 17lb striper was on the deck. Still nothing for me and sadly that was how it would end up.

Great South Bay Striped Bass on Live Eels Inside Fire Island Inlet

Great South Bay Striper on Live Eels

We called it a night as the current began to slow. Not a bad way to kill a few hours. I’m hoping for the weatherman to throw us a break and turn the FAN off. We’ll see what happens.