After a couple of disappointing trips over the weekend in extremely windy conditions I decided to give the Great South Bay another try with some live bait Tuesday. Grabbed some live bunker and headed out to explore the back bay area for any remaining stripers. Had the last part of the incoming current in the locations I first fished.

On my second drop of the day I had a fish pickup the bait and take off running but no hookup. It may have been a very small fish that could not get the bunker down as the bait was scraped up from the fish wrestling with it.

As the tide slacked in the back bay I headed down toward the Fire Island Inlet to catch the start of the outgoing water. Several drifts inside the inlet on some favorite pieces were fruitless and I made a move just outside.

Turned out to beĀ  a good move as I managed two stripers in the 16lb class. One of them was deeply hooked and ended up coming home with me while the other was quickly released boat-side.

Late Season Fire Island Striped Bass on Live Bunker

Late Season Fire Island Striper

I cannot help but feel that our striper fishing in the Fire Island area is winding down earlier this year than normal. The fishing in the bay area has REALLY slowed. There has been no evidence of the migrating fish along the beaches that normally provide us with the final year-end blast.

The boat will be in till at least the weekend after Thanksgiving and I will make the determination then on whether or not it’s worth staying in another week.