It’s funny how sometimes the best laid plans don’t actually work out and good old Plan B is put into action and produces results that probably out-shine the original idea. After an EXTREMELY quiet Saturday in Fire Island inlet under beautiful sunny skies, my plan was to fish the late night outgoing tide on Sunday evening. As it turns out I decided against this after spending the entire day up and down the ladder hanging our Christmas decorations.  I was SHOT!!!

Plan B was to be my final trip for the 2011 season. The alarm went off at 6:30am and again I decided against it. I figured if the action was going to be as slow as Saturday then it could surely wait till a more decent hour. I ended up arriving at the boat at 10am and headed off across the Great South Bay.

The goal was to hopefully jig up some of the herring reported in the area and feed them to the stripers left in the area. Had the last of the incoming current in the inlet and I began the process of trying to round up some live baits. Did not take long before I felt a rap on the Sabiki rig but it was not herring.  Turns out the hickory shad were on the piece.  Quickly filled 5 in the livewell and headed off to put them into action.

Fire Island Striped Bass on Live Bait in November- Striper Fishing still going on in the Fire Island Inlet

Live Bait Fire Island Striper

On the very first drift I dropped a bait right on a fish that was 34inches on the tape. Went untouched until the current slacked when I had another fish that was slightly better, this one going 36inches. As the outgoing started the fish finished off the baits I had in the well and I went back to grab another 3. I ended up the day with 6 fish, all in the same 33-36 inch class. I packed it for the day around 2pm. Pretty decent action for the 3 plus hours I fished.

Fire Island Inlet Striper Fishing on Live Bait

Chunky Fire Island Striped Bass on Live Bait

Suffice to say that the action was good enough today that I decided this trip was NOT the last and will be giving it one more shot tomorrow. THAT will be the last trip for sure 🙁