New York Recreational Marine Fishing Registry


The New  York State Dept of  Environmental Conservation has announced the No-Fee Recreational Marine Fishing Registry is now available online and ready for NY saltwater anglers to register for FREE. This Registry was created to replace the recently repealed NY Saltwater License to keep New York in compliance with the Federal law requiring all Saltwater anglers to be registered.

To register visit the following link and go through the process, when you reach the point to add Licenses select the Marine Registry. It will come up as No Charge. Simply go through the rest of the prompts to complete the registration. DEC will mail your card.

If you have already gone through the DECALS website before your information will already be stored there. Just confirm all is correct, ESPECIALLY your mailing address.

Link to DECALS Registration

Link to the DEC’s FAQ page on the subject

Very easy process. I completed the entire thing in about 5 minutes. Or you could just fish from a Licensed Party or Charter Boat all the time and be covered!! 🙂