Time to pack it in!!!

Headed out this morning at 9am for the grand finale of this year.  Radio station had the wind chill in the 20’s as it was HOWLING northwest. Water temps were down in the low 40s. The pictures make it look halfway decent out but trust me when I tell you otherwise

Searched a bunch of areas looking for some herring. Hit the bridge area, behind Democrat Point and around the Sore Thumb but only managed to find a single herring. Saw one or two others caught by another boat but that was it.

With no livies I gave it a half-hearted shot with diamond jigs and bucktails but did not have any luck. I actually would have been surprised if I did!!  So, with nothing going on I decided to drift/cruise around taking some pictures and just re-living some of the great times I had this year. It was a wonderful season with plenty of great fish and I am already looking forward to 2011.

For now, it’s the holidays so lets get busy with that. I hope everyone has a great time during this holiday season.

Robert Moses Bridge- See ya in the Spring

Fire Island Lighthouse

This About Sums it UP!!!!