Second Place Finisher in the Riverview Striped Bass ContestThe Riverview Striper Contest is the granddaddy of all the striped bass contests on Long Island. Just about ALL the best striper fisherman on the Island’s south shore fish this thing. The event generally draws anywhere from 140 to 200 boats. We fish this event every year with the same crew and always have a blast. This year took it to a new level.

We headed out with a livewell full of beautiful live bait and were into decent bass right from the starting bell. For the first 90 minutes we had at least one hookup on every drift but I was disappointed the fish were all in the high teen to low 20 pound class. Any other day I would have stayed on them and had a blast but these sizes were not going to do anything in the contest so I broke the cardinal rule, “Don’t Leave Fish to Find Fish” At least one crew member was ready to mutiny against my idea of heading off in search of better size fish.

Turns out I’m glad we did, fishing some favorite back bay locations my buddy Scott stuck a 31.75lb bass that was good enough to hold the lead right up to the last 20 minutes before getting knocked down by a 33.5lb fish. So, we had a 2nd place finish and a top shelf dinner at the awards party back at the restaurant. What a great time we had, plenty of fish, great weather, a fish that placed and a smooth seas for the ride back to the slip. Awesome !!!! I am looking forward to next year already