Others Enjoying a Beautiful November Day

Arrived at the marina at 4:30am on Monday. Temperature was 28 chilly degrees. Loaded up the boat and crunched through the skim ice out of the slip. Ran out Fire Island Inlet to the east and was on location south of Watch Hill by 5:15am. Killed some time drifting around waiting for the first signs of light. Not surprisingly there was not another boat in sight.

Soon as it was light enough to see I spotted birds nearby and found a bunch of stripers rolling on the surface under them. Picked a bunch of short bass from the schools but as seen on the video below they were running pretty small. The best I managed went 29 inches and it was released anyway.

Before long the fleet arrived and everyone had some fish and although I did not notice many keeper sized bass being landed, I’m sure there were a few in there. The blitzing quieted down but it was still a steady pick of fish. I stuck with it till around 11am before heading back inside the inlet.

Back inside FI Inlet I jigged up a bunch of herring hoping for some better fish. Drifted the top half of the flood all around the inlet but only life I found was a single that ate the herring but the hook pulled on the way to the boat. Only saw a couple other fish among the many boats in the area.

It was a simply amazing day weather-wise considering the fact I had ice around the boat in the morning. It is always a GOOD thing when you are shedding jackets in November rather than adding them.

Mixed feelings today, was happy to have some fish stretching the line but also sort of saddened by the fact that the 2010 season is rapidly drawing to a close. I’m sure there will be some legal sized fish caught over the next week or two but the number of small bass in the area right now generally indicates the tail end of the stripers southern migration past LI’s south shore.  The boat is in till 12/10 so I may get another shot or two, I’ll just have to wait and see