Fire Island Striped Bass Jigging

My Fishing Buddy Bob H. Getting In On It

Headed out Fire Island Inlet at 5am on Sunday. Chilly 38 degrees but thankfully the wind was down until it got light. Headed down the beach east of the inlet, stopping south of Barrett Beach on the Fire Island National Seashore and waited for it to get light, it was definately the quiet before the storm.

And when it did get light it was LIGHTS OUT!!! Four solid hours of all out Long Island Fall blitz fishing. The birds were blotting out the sky, bait blotting out the finder and the fish going off all over as far as I could see east and west of my location. I had fish on top, on the bottom and everywhere in between. I honestly lost count but if forced to guess I would say almost 40 stripers and bluefish came aboard and I am happy to say that each and everyone was safely released. The stripers weighed into the teens and some of the chopper bluefish were in the low teens as well.

Clouds of sandeels were the main course but there was herring in the mix as well as you could see the gannets dive bombing and coming up with them. More and more boats arrived on the scene and everyone was bailing fish as fast as the jigs could hit the water. This was full-blown Long Island November blitz fishing at it’s finest and is not showing any signs of letting up.

I had the video camera out with me today and I was experimenting with a new tripod so bear with me on the videos below 🙂 Hopefully my videography skills will get better soon!!!!

I can’t wait to take another shot at them soon,